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 I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. (Richard P. Feynmann, 1967).

LCMD is a dynamic computational/theoretical laboratory, focusing on electronic structure theory in the area of method development, conceptual work and applications relevant to the field of organic electronics and catalysis. We have contributed to the establishment of quantum chemical approaches to describe, identify and quantify non-covalent interactions. Our group also elaborates creative and generally applicable tools and concepts for the design of organic electronic materials and catalysts.

Note that the LCMD website is currently transiting to another web platform and will momentarily not be updated. 


November 2018 Read between the molecules in a JACS perspective article with Anya and Kun focusing on organic semiconductors.
November 2018 Congratulations to Boodsarin and Matt for their work published in Organometallics.
September 2018 Congratulations to Anya for winning the best oral presentation award sponsored by Metrohm at the fall meeting of the Swiss Chemical Society.
August 2018 LCMD is happy to welcome Daniel Hollas from the group of Prof. Petr Slavicek. Daniel will be involved on a joint project with Solvay.
July 2018 Benjamin and Boodsarin’s MARVEL paper on machine learning models for homogeneous catalysts is out in Chemical Science.
June 2018 Looking forward to a great chemical adventure with the Solvay group.
May 2018 ACS LiveSlides presentation for Anya”s JPCL article “Noncovalent Molecular Electronics” is now available online.
April 2018 LCMD welcomes Dr. Sergi Vela, Marie Sklosowska-Curie Fellow, who just joined the lab.
April 2018 “Noncovalent Molecular Electronics” Yet another nice story in our favorite journal! Anya’s  J. Phys. Chem. Lett. article on unifying the picture of charge transport properties is out and listed as one of top accessed paper of the month. Well done!
April 2018 Kun-Han and Alberto win two 2018 Chemistry Travel Awards for LCMD! Big congratulations to both of them!
March 2018 “ScienceGirls”: a project by Leona and Maria. Clemence and her colleague Raffaella contributed to this wonderful project initiated by two 14 year old girls!
February 2018 Our ChemCatChem article “On the Generality of Molecular Volcano Plots” is listed as a very important paper.
February 2018 Alberto’s J. Phys. Chem. Lett. article on the importance of van der Waals interactions in excited state processes is in the list of the most read article of the month. Bravo Alberto!
February 2018 Big congratulations to Sergi Vela, who was awarded a Marie Sklosowska-Curie Fellowship for a research project at LCMD!
February 2018 LCMD is happy to welcome Prof. Konrad Patkowski (UofAuburn), for his sabbatical say. We are looking forward to our collaboration on SAPT and non-covalent interactions.
January 2018 Kun-Han published his second LCMD paper providing novel insights for the design of hole transport materials. Well-done!
January 2018 Laurent has successfully defended his PhD! Bravo for the hard work!
January 2018 Congratulations to Alberto for his J. Phys. Chem. Lett. article stressing the importance of van der Waals interaction in excited state processes!
January 2018 Clemence Corminboeuf receives the 2018-Early-Career Award in Theoretical Chemistry from the ACS Physical Chemistry Division.
December 2017 LCMD congratulates Antonio Prlj, who is officially a Ph.D.!
November 2017 Welcome to our new PhD student Veronika Juraskova! Veronika received her master in Prague, where she worked under the supervision of Prof. Petr Slavicek.
October 2017 Congratulations to our former LCMD members, Dr. Basile Curchod (Bristol) and Dr. Piotr de Silva (MIT), who got a Faculty position and will start their independent career at Durham and DTU respectively!
September 2017 LCMD welcomes a new Ph.D student from Spain, Ramon Fabregat. Ramon obtained his master degree from ENS Lyon.
September 2017 Kun-Han’s first paper on the rational design of hole transport organic materials is online.
August 2017 Congratulation to Pauline, who successfully defended her master work “compressed virtual orbital basis for dispersion interactions” carried out at UC Berkeley in the laboratory of Martin Head-Gordon.
August 2017 Anya and Pauline’s paper on how to tune thiophene-based single molecule junctions is out.
July 2017 Our “molecular volcanoes” go 3D in ACS catalysis: a creative way to screen and rationalize the performance of homogeneous catalysts.
March 2017 Our perspective JCP article: “Found in translation: Quantum chemical tools for grasping non-covalent interactions” is out. This is a great way to become familiar with the different methods available.
March 2017 Congratulations to Jian-Hao and Anya for getting the front cover of the Chem. Comm. issue #16!
March 2017 LCMD welcome a new PhD student, Boodsarin Sawatlon!
February 2017 Welcome to Thierry Tran, who is starting a semester project at LCMD.
January 2017 LCMD welcomes Giulia Mangione as a new member!
December 2016 Our ACS LiveSlidesTM presentation for Ganna’s JPCL article “Implications of Charge Penetration for Heteroatom-containing Organic Semiconductors” is now available online.
November 2016 Welcome to our new post-doc Dr. Benjamin Meyer! Benjamin did his PhD under the guidance of Alessandro Genoni (Universite de Lorraine).
October 2016 The LCMD work is advertised: DORI has been highlighted  in C&E News in the October 17, 2016 issue and our paper on tetraphenylethylene has become a subsection of a book chapter.
August 2016 Welcome to Kun-Han Lin our new PhD student. Kun-Han obtained his master degree from National Tawain University.
June 2016 Riccardo is now officially Dr. Petraglia. Congratulations to him.
May 2016 Congratulations to Riccardo who defended his oral exam. One step closer to becoming a Ph.D.
February 2016 LCMD welcomes Pauline Ollitrault, who is doing her semester project with us.
February 2016 Congratulations to Alberto Fabrizio for defending brillantly his master thesis! LCMD now welcomes him for a PhD thesis!
January 2016 Big congrats to Anya (Ganna) who received a highly selective Marie Sklosowska-Curie Fellowship to perform her research at LCMD.
October 2015 Piotr’s communication on a new class of meta-GGA functionals is amongst the most read JCP articles of the year 2015.
October 2015 Our Chemical Science article on the volcano plots is a hot article.
October 2015 Our WIREs advanced review on uncommon molecular electronic configurations is now online!
October 2015 The lab welcomes Jian-Hao as a visiting PhD student from Cambridge. Jian-Hao will soon start a post-doctoral stay with us.
September 2015 LCMD publishes two communications: Piotr’s new class of Meta-GGA and Antonio’s photodeactivation mechanism for tetraphenylethane.
September 2015 LCMD welcomes Alberto Fabrizio as a master student!
September 2015 The story on Volcano plots made it to the ISIC and SB news.
September 2015 Big congratulations to Riccardo Petraglia, who received the DSM award for the second best talk of the computational chemistry session at the 2015 fall meeting of the Swiss chemical society in Lausanne!
September 2015 Michael’s paper that succesfully shows that the concept of Volcano plots can be applied to homogeneous catalysis is now published in Chemical Science. Congrat!
July 2015 Congratulations to Dr. Adrien Nicolai for obtaining a permanent position at the University of Dijon starting next September!
July 2015 LCMD welcomes two summer students: Pauline Ollitrault and Alberto Fabrizio. Welcome to both of them!

Latest Publications

F. Le Vaillant; M. Garreau; S. Nicolai; G. Gryn'ova; C. Corminboeuf et al. : Fine-Tuned Organic Photoredox Catalysts for Fragmentation-Alkynylation Cascades of Cyclic Oxime Ethers; Chemical Science. 2018-05-30. DOI : 10.1039/C8SC01818A.
B. Meyer; B. Sawatlon; S. Heinen; A. von Lilienfeld; A.-C. Corminboeuf : Machine learning meets volcano plots: Computational discovery of cross-coupling catalysts. 2018-05-23.
G. Gryn’ova; C. Corminboeuf : Noncovalent Molecular Electronics; The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2018-04-17. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpclett.8b00980.
L. Vannay; B. Meyer; R. Petraglia; G. Sforazzini; M. Ceriotti et al. : Analyzing Fluxional Molecules Using DORI; Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 2018-03-24. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jctc.7b01176.
G. Gryn'ova; C. Corminboeuf : Steric "attraction": not by dispersion alone; BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. 2018. DOI : 10.3762/bjoc.14.125.
A. Fabrizio; C. Corminboeuf : How Do London Dispersion Interactions Impact the Photochemical Processes of Molecular Switches?; Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2018. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpclett.7b03316.
L. A. C. Vannay : Extending the Scope of the Density Overlap Region Indicator. Lausanne, EPFL, 2018. DOI : 10.5075/epfl-thesis-8157.
K.-H. Lin; A. Prlj; C. Corminboeuf : How does alkyl chain length modify the properties of triphenylamine-based hole transport materials?; Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2018. DOI : 10.1039/C7TC05318E.